ShiningHearts, OpenMinds

Tarih: 17.08.2018

August, 17th – 28th, 2018 / Tenerife, Canary Islands

ShiningHearts, OpenMinds

ShiningHearts, OpenMinds

This is the way to be free, this is the way to feel free,
This path is for being alone to discover the new ensemble that comes from your femininity.

10 intense days with in a women clan!

This is the part 1 of the training: Discover Your Femininity!

Truth or dare? ♥

We will focus on 4 main subjects at this part1:

- Rebuilding the courage

· Under which conditions does the woman lose her power? When was yours?

· Are the learned patterns enough to hide your pure emotions?

· What is the meaning of the word “limit”? Do the boundaries of your mind belong to you? How does your body deal with your mind’s limits?

· Are you ready to discover your existence story and to meet what you are made up of?

- What’s the difference between emotions and feelings?

· comfortable speech

· lightness of touching

· fluid motion

· possession without property

- Female – Femininity

· Are you aware of your wild female being?

· Who are you?

· Is there any image in your mind about the difference between who you are and who you should be?

- Sexuality

· What do you know about the parts of your physical body?

· How does your body machine work?

· What is the inheritance of your being to leave for the future?

· Do you experience whose or which society´s sexuality?

· Are you ready to open pandora´s box?

This training includes theoretical and practical parts of the development of femininity and genre-specific changes, and also has a huge part of the body movement therapy exercises on woman sexuality.

In regard to Neval’s teaching method, when we talk about human being, it comes into existence the main two parts which are body and the spirit through the breath and heartbeat that belong to you to be whole. Her skills about physical and emotional anatomy and body movement therapy sessions will come to life in your path as much as you disvover yourself!

Tenerife, Canary Islands

August, 17th – 28th, 2018

eur 1,100
(including, cost of training and cost of accomodation for 11 nights!)

**Participation to the work requires approval from the trainer, you will be replied after your application. 

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